The Ultimate Bow Sling – Alpine Innovations CamBow Review

With archery season just around the corner, we wanted to do a review on a new product we are carrying, the CamBow bowhunting sling by Alpine Innovations.

Bow slings, just another hunting gimmick that I hate! But sadly, I have always been looking for one that will actually work. The ultimate bow sling has been harder to find than my TV remote.  My search is now over! This is the absolute best bow sling in the market today! The CamBow by Alpine Innovations has taken everything that we hate about bow slings (I'm looking at you Primos), and made them a thing of the past! Unlike other bow-slings, the CamBow hooks around your limbs and onto your riser so there is not any stress on the cams of your bow. The CamBow also comes off a whole heck of a lot easier than other slings on the market, all you need to do is pull a tab and the CamBow snaps off quickly and quietly so that you can make your shot! With all the hiking we do here in the west, a quality bow sling is always needed. I will definitely be hunting with a CamBow this year on my bow, it is the only sling I have found that I don't absolutely hate! Now to find that TV remote....

Check out the video review done by our very own Kendall Card:

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