First Lite’s New Pattern – First Lite Fusion Review

Just released – New First Lite Fusion “No Pixels, No Trees”

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We are super excited to announce that BlackOvis will be one of the very few to carry the new Fusion pattern from First Lite. Many of you have not heard or seen much about the pattern so I wanted to give you the exciting points and my initial thoughts about what First Lite has done to create this new pattern.

A First Lite exclusive, Fusion excels at removing the characteristics of outlines of the hunter from 2 to 2000 yards. Let’s see if you grasp that, 2 to 2000 yards, so pretty much everywhere and anywhere you may be while hunting.  So unless you are trying to catch game by hand I think that just maybe, Fusion is going to work for you. I will give you the long sophisticated words later of why this camo works, but in short Fusion will hide you from game better than other patterns offered by First Lite. Different from other patterns First Lite has used, Fusion does not use leaves or trees. Let’s be honest here, the leaves and trees that you find on your camo are most likely not the same leaves and trees where you hunt. Stop trying to blend in to your surroundings, it’s time to disappear. Another pattern that First Lite has used, you know the one, it looks like a tribal tattoo. Well that pattern used thick dark lines, just think of seeing black branches on a hillside, they would probably stand out. First Lite has taken all of the knowledge they have gained over the years and through research and testing, and created Fusion, the pattern designed to help you blend in and disappear. 


First Lite Fusion in the Field

To be honest, when I first saw the pattern online, I thought it was ugly to say the least. That it looked like puke. But the images First Lite has on their site are a little off, the pattern is not as bright as they make it seem. After trying the Fusion on and wearing it around for a minute I was actually shocked at how much it was growing on me. The lighter browns in the camo are not as strong as many of the product images. And of course, it is First Lite so it still uses their fantastic Merino Wool and top of the line fabrics to keep you comfortable while in the field. If you have never worn First Lite before, you can typically size down in many of the mid-weight and heavier pieces.

With everyone trying to make their own camo pattern these days (and most failing) First LIte may have just nailed it. Let’s talk specifics:

-Employs macro and micro disruption as well as finely tuned distortions

Perfect relationship of color and shape to deliver maximum concealment

-Large Shape Disruption: the larger shapes distorts and hides the hunters body shape by incorporating large regions of light and dark that work against the human figure

-Small-Medium Texture Disruption: When you are closer, you need those finer details. This is what the smaller and medium texture disruption gives you, it hides your location and shape and blends then hunter into their surroundings.

-Disruptive Coloration: Using a fined tuned set of 9 colors Fusion uses contrast to help blend the hunter into their surroundings, no matter where they are hunting.

-Focal and Depth Confusion: The animal has a hard time focusing on the hunter due to the color and the algorithms put into Fusion.

-Light and Dark Crackleture: The crackleture (not found in other patterns) offer another level of versatility and effectiveness by distorting the hunter even more.



Fusion design of shape and colors absolutely obliterates the human shape

Are you still with me? So basically what that all means is animals won’t be able to see you. This is not your grandpa’s leaves and trees camo. It is time that we evolved into the next level of camo. First Lite Fusion will hide you from that trophy, it’s just a matter of if you can take the shot.


Hide yourself from 2 to 2000 yards

Overall we are absolutely stoked for Fusion! This pattern is the next big thing on the mountain and it is here on BlackOvis! We approve of the new Fusion pattern and know it is going to work in any situation in which you may be in your next hunt.

The question behind it all is, can you actually get your hands on some?

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