Sitka Layering in August & September


With the off-season in full effect, I know I am not alone when I say I could really use a trip to the mountains with bow in hand chasing deer and elk here in Utah. I know you feel the same, that instead of sitting behind that computer screen, you were a few thousand feet higher in elevation. Since now is the time to research what gear you will be using for this year’s hunts, I wanted to give you a glance into my early season Sitka layering system. Now this may not be the best layering system for you, or you may disagree with me completely, but this is the system I have found that works best for me during the early season hunts. This system keeps me dry, warm, and scent free during my 1 to 2 day hunts here in Utah.

Core Layer – Against Skin

Intermediate Layer

  • Sitka Mountain Pants – With removable knee pads and stretchy fabric these pants are ideal for almost any situation. I have even wore them into December (of course with more layers underneath!)
  • On top I am only wearing my Core 1/4 Zip Shirt, this is due to the fact that it is really warm in August and September. If it cools down I will wear the Traverse Zip Tee in its place.
  • Once I get to the top I am breaking out my Kelvin Lite Vest. At only 9.6 oz this vest keeps me warm when my core temperature drops after my ascent and it isn’t a big deal to throw in my day-pack.

Rain Wear

  • Cloudburst Jacket – 100% waterproof Gore-Tex shell. Full rain protection all without sacrificing features. I still get a ton of pockets to keep everything close. 
  • Since my Mountain Pants are DWR treated they will keep me dry, that is unless the storm starts dumping water. At that point it is time to get out the Cloudburst Pants. With full size zips it is easy to put them on over the top of all of my other layers.

With this system you will stay comfortable during August and into September. Granted there are some pieces you may want to implement once the middle to end of September hits, but this will get you through the elements that may be thrown your way during the early season. Now go stock up! The 20% off Sitka Sale is only going for a few more weeks here at BlackOvis!

Would you do something different? Tell me below! 

2 thoughts on “Sitka Layering in August & September

  1. Lane

    Yes personally I like to hunt butt naked and be one with nature!! I also think when the bull elk comes into the clearing you shoot but some prefer to give there dad a heart attack and wait until a more difficult shot presents its self that same person passed up at least seven Bulls if I remeber correct but as with everything he does he succeeds not only did he take a nice bull that day but he went on to kill deer I can only dream of! And now has become an expert in the field a force to recon with behind a bow congrats on your success!!


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