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2019 State Hunter Orange Requirements

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Here’s a quick look at the information we’ve gathered on if and how much blaze orange you might need in the state you’re hunting:

State Required? Rule
Alaska No Not required but encouraged.
Arizona No Not required but encouraged.
California No Not required but encouraged.
Colorado Yes Orange or Pink 500 square inches and a hat solid no camo, rifle and muzzleloader hunts.
Idaho No Not required but encouraged.
Kansas Yes 100 square inches front and back and a hat.
Montana Yes 400 square inches for hunter and anyone acompanying.
Nebraska Yes 400 square inches Head back and chest.
Nevada No Not required but encouraged.
New Mexico No Only required on the White Sands Missile range 244 square inches/ Fort Bliss or McGregor Hat and Vest.
North Dakota Yes 400 square inches and hat above the waist.
Oregon Yes under 18 Hat or other garment must be visable from all directions.
South Dakota Yes More than one garmint above the waist.
Texas Yes On National Forest and Grassland 144 square inches front and back and a hat.
Utah Yes 400 square inches must be worn if an any weapon hunt is open in the area.
Washington Yes 400 square inches above the waist during firearm seasons.
Wyoming Yes Must wear either vest, jacket, or coat.

BlackOvis NWT Merino Series

BlackOvis Merino Wool

For this gear review, I purchased five items from the BlackOvis NWT Merino Wool gear line. The idea was to buy everything from the waist up, give it a go and see what I thought. I bought the following items:

There is actually an additional top in their line, the 200 Crew Long Sleeve Top, but I missed it when I loaded my shopping cart. I can guarantee it will be hanging in my gear room before this September.

When choosing a base layer material, we essentially have three options: synthetic, wool or a blending of the two. As a general rule, synthetics like polyester, capilene, et al. are less expensive, dry faster, breathe better and are typically more durable than wool. For a long time, wool was coarse, itchy and therefore uncomfortable. This was a strong motivator to buy synthetic. Merino wool isn’t a new product. It has been around for quite a while now, but when the industry discovered the amazing merino… it changed everything. A merino wool fiber is super fine, much more fine than a human hair, which translates into incredible “next to skin” comfort. Selective breeding programs and new manufacturing techniques continue to make wool “obstacle”s essentially obsolete.

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2018 Sitka Apex Series Review


For years Sitka’s 90% series ruled the game in terms of comfortable and quiet technical hunting apparel. However, with advancements in textile development and consumer demand, the 90% series was overshadowed over the course of a time and consequently discontinued. Many fans of 90% were very sad to see it go and wondered what could possibly replace it.

For 2018 Sitka answered that question with their new APEX series. Designed for the spot and stalk hunter who demands silence and performance out of their gear no matter what.

The APEX series features the APEX Hoody, APEX Pant, and APEX Pack. All are purpose built to be extremely quiet, comfortable, and practical for hunters that prefer to sneak up on their intended quarry. I was lucky enough to put these pieces to the test on an OTC Arizona Mule Deer hunt in January of this year and I was very impressed.

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Midweight Merino Base Layer Comparison

If you love spending time outdoors, I’m sure you’ve come to realize how vital your base layers are to the quality of your overall experience. Base layers provide warmth and comfort, and a good base layer is probably one of the most underrated pieces of equipment we have at our disposal as outdoorsmen. When the guys at BlackOvis mentioned to me that they were interested in comparing their BlackOvis brand of base layer with one of the industry leaders in merino base layers – First Lite – I was all over the idea. I don’t think you can have enough base layers, because as the temps drop you can just throw one on over top of the other and layer to keep warm. From late October on, if I’m out in the field, I almost always have at least 2 light to midweight base layers on.

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First Lite – New for 2017

First Lite – 2017 NEW Pieces

2017 First Lite Gear

With the launch of First Lite’s 2017 lineup just around the corner, there is a bunch of new pieces that they’ve introduced and we decided to help you all out by explaining the benefits of each and every one! This year First Lite also introduced an addition to their color options with a new Cipher pattern.  For an in depth look of what and why Cipher is check out our Write Up Here.

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Sitka SUBALPINE – New for 2017



GORE OPTIFADE Concealment incorporates the micro and macro patterns of the animal kingdom to help make hunters unrecognizable as predators, even when detected. Stalking predators, like tigers, have a macro-pattern of stripes that break up their body symmetry as they chase prey.  OPTIFADE takes these same concepts and uses a pattern that was designed for what ungulates see not how WE see making it an extremely effective pattern.


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First Lite Cipher Camo – New for 2017

What is Cipher?

Cipher camouflage from First Lite leverages the same proven working principals as their Fusion camo. The relationship between colors and shapes in both First Lite patterns are specifically designed to fool the brain and resemble patterns found in nature. No Pixels, no trees. Breakup camouflage from First Lite utilizes several key principles to help you disappear in both short and long distances:

  • Large Shape Disruption –  Used to distort and hide the hunter’s body by incorporating large regions of light and dark colors that work against the human figure.
  • Small-Medium Texture Disruption – A scattering of small-to-medium sized elements from a nature-based algorithm effectively blends the hunter into their surroundings when close to prey.
  • Disruptive Coloration – Finely tunes palettes of color to contrast against body outlines to blend with natural surroundings.
  • Focal and Depth Confusion – Color and shape algorithms based in nature are strategically placed to confuse depth perception. Peripheral vision of the prey is also distorted with the controlled contrast and disruptive coloration.
  • Light and Dark Crackleture – Unique to First Lite patterns, the crackleture use of light and dark shapes that weave throughout the pattern offer yet another level of versatility and effectiveness, eliminating color blobbing and further distorting the hunter’s shape.

Cipher Camo

Cipher vs Fusion?

Although they use the same science and both are very flexible to a wide variety of environments, Fusion incorporates green into it’s color pallet which makes it ideal for early season, western lichen/sage/pine, and any type of heavy wooded areas. Cipher on the other hand uses a much more muted color pallet for dry and late season environments.

First Lite Camouflage

Dobson VS. Red Desert

Dobson Aerowool and Red Desert Merino Comparison

Dobson Desert

Dobson Desert Comp

With the introduction of the new First Lite Dobson Boxers, a lot of people, including myself, have been wondering what the main differences are between those and the legendary Red Desert Boxers so we decided to put them both to the use out in the field this season and lay out the major differences of both products and dive into which one is the best fit for you!

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First Lite Uncompahgre Jacket Review


My first impression of the First Lite Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket when I pulled it out of the package it arrived in was, ‘this is it?!’ I was expecting something much bulkier and heavier than what I was holding. I’ve read a lot of reviews on puffy jackets, and some of the comparison type reviews led me to believe that the Uncompahgre was much bulkier and heavier than comparable top of the line puffy jackets designed for hunters and outdoorsmen. I was surprised at how light it felt, and how thin it seemed. I was excited to put it to the test!

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Sitka 90% Series Explained

Sitka 90% Series Explained


In our world of remakes, remixes and new models, occasionally you find that somebody got it right the first time. That the original is still the best. Willie Nelson, Ghost Busters, Pre 64 model 70’s and the Sitka 90% series. This was the idea that started it all. High quality, technical fabrics made into clothing, designed and built specifically for hunters. The days of an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, baggy cotton camo, and heavy one size fits most army surplus stuff are officially gone and we never have to go back. When Sitka came out with the first 90% series it really did change the way we viewed our hunting clothing. Hunters realized that they could hunt longer, smarter and more efficiently than before. We found that by choosing a few specific pieces and using an intelligent layering plan we could be comfortable, mobile and safe for longer periods of time further away from a home base. Clothing was now gear. We have come a long way since then and our options for high quality clothing seem to be growing every day, but the 90% series from Sitka just may be the best of the best!

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